• Retirement Vision Questionnaire

  • The first step is to develop a vision for your retirement years. This will help you establish a formal statement regarding what you desire and hope to achieve and experience during your retirement years. It is a realization of all the things you’ve dreamed about doing and having during your life, but were too busy with work and family to have the time and/or money to make happen. You have spent a lifetime saving for retirement; now decide how you want to spend it. Retirement planning isn't just about the money, it's also about your bucket list!

    Your responses will serve as a guide to assist you to establish your objectives and purpose of your retirement planning.

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  • Step 2: Organize Finances

  • Organizing your finances is an essential part of your retirement planning. It is the process of developing your own Balance Sheet that clearly shows your assets and liabilities, and helps you calculate your Net Worth. This will enable you to know what you have, where is all is, and what it’s all worth. Your Balance Sheet and Net Worth will serve as the starting point for understanding and planning how to best utilize your financial resources to support your desired retirement lifestyle.

    Let’s start with some essential questions before beginning the process of constructing your Balance Sheet (if married/partnered include for them):

  • Step 3 – Analyze Investments

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  • Step 4 – Retirement Income

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  • Retirement Risks Questionnaire

  • Rank your level of concern of the following potential financial setbacks according to this scale:

    1 = Very Concerned  2 = Somewhat Concerned  3 = Not Concerned

  • Investments

  • Health Considerations

  • Inflation

  • Income Taxes

  • Step 6 – Estate Planning

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